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A Selwyn College newsletter is published almost every Friday during the school year.  Copies are available from the main school office.  However, you can access these weekly newsletters below. If you would like to be emailed this link each week please contact Julie Arnold.
Congratulations Angelene Lloyd-Bryant—DUX 2018

At last night’s glittering Senior Prizegiving in theSelwyn Theatre, our Year 13 student Angelene Lloyd-Bryant was honoured as the Selwyn College Dux for 2018.Angelene’s academic track record throughout her years at Selwyn has been exceptional. She has received a Scholar award at every year level and was our Year 12 Top Scholar last year.Angelene is an outstanding young woman who is also a champion equestrian. We are hugely proud of her.

REAF News: October 2018

* A short form film about the refugee experience in New Zealand is touring Film Festivals world wide.* An interesting article speaking of the vast difference between the term migrant and refugee. It looks at the literature from bothmigrants and refugees. It goes on to compare and contrast.* The third term of the year has finished. REAF hosted a shared lunch to mark the start of the school holiday break.*  Now the students have the laptops the next issue was internet access. Not all homes can afford a commercial contract for internet access.  The Spark Foundation has now linked with public libraries to create Spark Jump. Every family with children under 18 can get a free modem with the first $10.00 loaded on. This covers 30g of  data. Probably not enough for Netflix but the objective is to do the tests and homework set by teachers. The modem is prepay so can be topped up at any dairy.Make an appointment at your local library during the holidays or call in and register.We must congratulate Spark for this timely innovation, and congratulations to the Auckland Libraries for making themselves ever more an information hub for all levels of our society.

An Amazing Experience for Alexander Botha

Our Year 11 student Alexander Botha is a member of the AYO and he recently returned from an amazing experience in Europe. 2018 is a very special year for the AYO (Auckland Youth Orchestra) as it is their 70th birthday. To celebrate this, the orchestra went on a tour around Europe representing New Zealand at an international Youth Festival in Berlin and the Young Artists Festival in Bayreuth. Alexander enjoyed specialist tutoring from several professionals, such as the JS Bach Music School in Vienna and the Slovenia National Orchestra in Dobrna. Some of the Slovenia National Orchestra players joined the tour group and the trombone player was a tutor for Alexander during the tour. He played in amazing concert halls and churches to sold out audiences around Europe, including Vienna, Dobrna, Prague, Berlin, Bayreuth and Tübingen. All concerts received standing ovations. Another highlight was meeting the New Zealand Ambassador Rupert Holborow after their performance in the Konzerthaus Berlin.Well done Alexander! We are proud of you. 

Selwyn Lacrosse Students Soar in Lacrosse

Congratulations to the following students on their performances in the Lacrosse National tournament.Georgia Primrose-Hore played in the Auckland Blue (A) Under 15 team who won the final 10-4 against a strong Waikato side. They remained undefeated throughout the tournament. Georgia was also given the coach’s game ball due to her strong attacking and defence skills in the goal circle and also scoring three goals in one of the qualifying games Auckland White (B) finished the tournament in fourth place. Maddie Grigg (Co Captain) and Rosa Elliott both played brilliantly in this team. Rosa's defence was outstanding, especially as this has been her first season ever in Lacrosse. 

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