REAF News: October 2018

Published on Monday, 29 October 2018, 1:43 p.m. Print Article

* A short form film about the refugee experience in New Zealand is touring Film Festivals world wide.

* An interesting article speaking of the vast difference between the term migrant and refugee. It looks at the literature from bothmigrants and refugees. It goes on to compare and contrast.

* The third term of the year has finished. REAF hosted a shared lunch to mark the start of the school holiday break.

*  Now the students have the laptops the next issue was internet access. Not all homes can afford a commercial contract for internet access.  The Spark Foundation has now linked with public libraries to create Spark Jump. Every family with children under 18 can get a free modem with the first $10.00 loaded on. This covers 30g of  data. Probably not enough for Netflix but the objective is to do the tests and homework set by teachers. The modem is prepay so can be topped up at any dairy.

Make an appointment at your local library during the holidays or call in and register.

We must congratulate Spark for this timely innovation, and congratulations to the Auckland Libraries for making themselves ever more an information hub for all levels of our society.

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