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International Student Fees

Tuition fee (one year) $NZ 14,250.00 
Administration (per year) $NZ  1,000.00 
Home-stay accommodation (per week) $NZ 280.00 
Home-stay placement fee $NZ 250.00 
NCEA exam fee (Years 11, 12, 13) $NZ 383.30 
Insurance (per year)
(example here for one year)
$NZ 500.00 

Shorter period enrolments:
Students who wish to enrol for one, two or three term will pay 25%, 50% or 75% of the annual fee. There is no loading or additional cost on top of the proportion of the annual fee to enrol for a period less than a year, hence:
 One term* $NZ   3,562.00 
 Two terms $NZ   7,125.00 
 Three terms $NZ   10,687.50 
 Full year $NZ   14,250.00 
*NOTE: Students enrolling for one term are not required to apply for a student visa. Short term stays can be covered by a visitor's visa.

See also our Refund Procedures.